Rebrush Stefan May Editions

Welcome to our new website Stefan May Editions.

well, here we are again, the color of our website has changed and our name has changed from PhotoAnalog to Stefan May Editions, the content and quality remains. This site is now integrated part of the head-website beside Stefan May Photographer and Stefan May Archive, you can use the links in the Logo of this website.

Stefan May Editions uses the platform internet to present outstanding photos in virtual exhibitions and to offer them as precious prints for collectors and all those people who simply enjoy the art of photography. People who appreciate photos as art objects that make their homes and offices livelier or because they inspire their everyday life and give them a good feeling.

Stefan May Editions offers different types of limited collector prints in individual sizes. For example C-prints (Light Jet) can be customized in their print-size from 20x30 cm / 7.87x11,81 inch up to a maximum size of 180x300cm / 70,87 x 117inch. Also the lamination with Alubond and coating with DiaSec can be chosen. One can also invest in a modern or estate print on silver gelatine paper with a smaller limitation and size or purchase a vintage print – the ne plus ultra.

Stefan May Editions presents photos at the highest stage – timeless, unique and made with skilled manual handicraft. The quality of the photos, their photographers and their production play a decisive role. Aim of the photographer – producer of the pictures – is to show his personally best and most expressive photos.

Stefan May Editions stands for the kind of photography, that was made with analogue cameras and has passed through a chemical process afterwards in order to manifest its unique quality and virtue as a hand-enlarged original print. All modern-/estate-/artist-/vintage-prints are exclusively hand made prints of the photographers (or under their supervision) and therefore originals.
We do not close ourselves towards the digital media. In contrary – we use digital data of hand-enlargements as “carrier” for our C-Prints. The most important thing is, that the original was produced and exposed analogue in order to maintain the “soul” of the photo.