Current Exhibition "Women"

Stefan May Editions presents you images out of Stefan May's third coffeetablebook called "Women", released in 2004 by teNeues publisher.

You might think that Stefan May is talking to the models, leading them, directing. However he is more concerned to get a feel for them, to get their scent and to electrify them.
...The women in Stefan Mays pictures are never cold, model beauties, with no imperfections. Stefan Mays photographs are the opposite of lethargic, aesthetic facades, which have been taken for glossy magazines. they make the bodies tangible, with the warm skin being tantalized by your light. Stefan Mays models are sensual accomplices, who show their support in their vivacious look.

The exhibition shows 36 timeless black & white images, which were created between 1995 and 2004 in the original sequence of the "Women" coffeetablebook, which was published in over 60 countries.