Current Exhibition "Couples"

Stefan May Editions presents you images out of Stefan May's first coffeetablebook called "Couples", released in 2002 by teNeues publisher.

Stefan May brings us right into the photo with a perspective that can only be had from an “involved” point of view.  Sometimes we're spying ... undetected; other times, we're right in the scene ... point blank, yet ignored; still others, the subjects are looking right at us ... caught in the act. There's movement, there's action, and everywhere there's the sense of erotic touch.  
There's a spontaneity in Stefan May's portrayal of passionate couples, but what's more amazing is the intimacy infused in his work through extreme angles, creative cropping and the depiction of depth and movement. Not one looks at all posed, i.e., the spontaneity of the photo shoot(s) comes across very strongly.  
Stefan May's typical style became well known through countless magazine and other publication worldwide and has influenced not only other photographers for many years. The exhibition shows 36 timeless black & white images, which were created between 1993 and 2001 in the original sequence of the "Couples" coffeetablebook, which was published in over 60 countries.